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Proactive Pregnancy

Proactive PregnancyWhen I was pregnant for the first time, I was very concerned about the post-natal recovery of my body. How would my body be different? What will I look like and have to adjust to?You hear so many stories from women about how things changed and they...

Pregnancy Pants – Help!

Pregnancy Pants - Help!Being pregnant and fashionable can be challenging!I bought clothes at the popular and obvious maternity clothing spots, however, I just never really felt like my best pregnant self in any of those clothes. I believed I could do better,...

Compression Socks Are My Jam

Compression Socks Are My JamI know, it sounds lame.If you read my prior blog post on the myth about pregnancy and foot growth then you know that I took my foot health very seriously as a pregnant woman and trust me…that includes compression socks. Now, I’m no doctor,...

The Secret To Wearing White

The Secret To Wearing White The secret to wearing white...(or any color really), and having children, are Shout Wipes. They are a life saver and come in handy little travel packets. Shout Wipes >> I'm not even kidding, these are the very best. XO, Nico