Our skin is so important! I have been through quite a journey with mine. I suffered from acne for years (from the time I was about 8 up until I got pregnant in my 30s). I have been on Acutane twice, I have had basil cell carcinoma removed from my upper chest, my skin is fair and sensitive! I’m half Greek, how could this happen? Well, it DID. Fortunately, I have found some products I truly love. Feel free to contact me with any skin related questions!


While there are so many great cleanser to chose from, here are my top 2 favorites: Glycolic Citrus Cleanser and Lemon Cream Cleanser. The Glycolic cleanser is an age defying resurfacing cleanser. I use it about 3 times per week. I like to rotate it with the fabulous Lemon Cream Cleanser which is a little gentler age defying cleanser. 


Peptiderm Products

I am a big fan of the age defying peptiderm products. I  avoid topical retinoids as a personal preference. My favorites from Sanitas are the Peptiderm Firming Serum and Peptiderm Eye Treatment. I use them every night as a part of my night time skin care routine. 


Obagi Medical

I have been using this Obagi Vitamin C serum for years! I like the 20%, right in the middle of the road! I have found that I am a big believer in Obagi as a brand and love their Nu-Derm line. Check out Obagi here



I love everything about the Pumpkin Enzyme Mask. Anti-aging, refines, hydrates, antioxidants. This stuff has it all! I use it about 1 to 3 times per week. 



I’m telling you, this Lemon Cream Scrub is da bomb. Exfoliates and buffs the skin. A real nice facial polish. 



Good Lordy this stuff is great! A delightful volumizing lip serum that lasts for a long while. I put this on every night before bed. Check out Sanitas Skincare>>

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