Gift Inspo: 2yr Old Boy

I mean, really, what on earth do you get a two year old boy?

I was never around kids before I had my son and I grew up with only sisters. What did I know? Around two, these little toddler guys are at such an interesting time in their development. I did some research, gave some things a shot, and these budget friendly items are what I found to be pretty fun for my guy. 

Ferrari>> with the ability to steer the vehicle yourself. $50. 




Headphones>> with volume limiting and audio sharing. $15. 

Sit n’ Spin>> fun spinning activity. $36. 

Soccer Ball>> sturdy enough your dog wont pop it and small enough for little feet and legs! $13. 

Toddler Fishing Game>> magnetic fun! $23. 

My First Railway>> magnetically attached train cars and track. $50. 

Lil’ Wagon>> great for indoor and outdoor fun! $27. 

Corn Hole>> collapsible, double-sided corn hole game! $30. 

And finally, my son really loves stuffed animal dogs and ALL car toys. Happy Shopping!

XO, Nico