Quick Tips

I love being able to share quick tips that work for me! So, here ya go, ladies!

  1. My go-to trick for keeping my engagement ring and wedding band diamonds lookin’ fresh to to let them soak in a concoction of liquid dish soap and water. Then I go over them with an old make-up brush and BOOM!
  2. You can buy some super cute clips to make your shoes look fancy (i.e. White House Black Market has cuuute shoe clips!) OR you can grab some clip-on earrings, snap them on your shoes and they will do the same!
  3. When you spill something on your clothes and you don’t have your shout wipes handy, the next go-to method of removing a stain on the fly is this: use a napkin to try to absorb the stain, then get some soda water (and if oil in involved, a squeeze of lemon) and work on that stain. Try to blot the stain, don’t rub or you might spread it. Also, do NOT use any hot water to remove stains. Hot water sets stains.
  4. Spray some of your favorite scent or perfume on some fabric and stick it in your undies drawer. Sounds weird, but a light fresh scent never hurt anyone!

XO, Nico