Last Minute Style Tips

As a mom, I find there are many days that I just don’t have the time or the energy to put a lot of effort into my “look”. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to look great! I have a few “last minute” style tips that save me when I am running out the door with my boy.

Hair braid. This has come in handy many a time. It doesn’t matter what kind of braid you do. A side braid, a faux mohawk braid, random small braids (one of my favorite looks, tied up), etc. A Braid is cute, and helps distract from the fact that you just ran out the door.

Braid FTW.

Lip stick or lip gloss. Through some sassy lips out there. Distract from the rest of your messy self with a nice lip!

Sunglasses. Sunglasses are always a must have. Just ask Victoria Beckham.

2nd day hair. Don’t care.

Beanies. In the winter only obvi. But a cute beanie has saved a dirty hair day many a time.

3rd day hair = Beanie time.

Hair oils. My favorite hair oil has a beautiful and really strong smell. I put it in my hair and it doubles as perfume as well as a hair revival.

Cute Jacket. I am the queen of throwing on a cute jacket to save an outfit or a bad hair day. A cute jacket saves the day every time.

XO, Nico

Quick Tips

I love being able to share quick tips that work for me! So, here ya go, ladies!

  1. My go-to trick for keeping my engagement ring and wedding band diamonds lookin’ fresh to to let them soak in a concoction of liquid dish soap and water. Then I go over them with an old make-up brush and BOOM!
  2. You can buy some super cute clips to make your shoes look fancy (i.e. White House Black Market has cuuute shoe clips!) OR you can grab some clip-on earrings, snap them on your shoes and they will do the same!
  3. When you spill something on your clothes and you don’t have your shout wipes handy, the next go-to method of removing a stain on the fly is this: use a napkin to try to absorb the stain, then get some soda water (and if oil in involved, a squeeze of lemon) and work on that stain. Try to blot the stain, don’t rub or you might spread it. Also, do NOT use any hot water to remove stains. Hot water sets stains.
  4. Spray some of your favorite scent or perfume on some fabric and stick it in your undies drawer. Sounds weird, but a light fresh scent never hurt anyone!

XO, Nico

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Favorite Healthy Snacks

Let’s share some snack ideas! I am always looking for new, healthy and yummy snacks to keep things interesting while simultaneously preventing me from binge eating nachos in a moment of weakness. You feel me? This is a  GREAT time to swap snack ideas as we head into that warmer weather.

  1. Almond Butter Chocolate Protein Balls. I like to keep it simple with some almond butter, maybe a little honey and a protein powder mixed in. Maybe throw in some Old-Fashioned Rolled Oats.
  2. Avocado toast with hummus and tomato added! Yummy!
  3. String cheese. Always.
  4. Home made trail mix.
  5. Cottage cheese on its own, or some cottage cheese with honey or fruit added.
  6. Apple or banana with or without peanut butter.
  7. Hard-boiled eggs.
  8. Olives.
  9. Hummus and carrots.
  10. Caprese salad.
  11. Crystalized ginger from Sprouts. A favorite.
  12. Almonds.
  13. And, of course, fruit!

XO, Nico

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Moms to the Rescue

My son and I were at his Little Gym class. This is a class we go to every week. You get there, they ask all everyone to wash their hands before heading into the gym. My boy and I head over, but something went horribly wrong. I was holding his hands and then all of a sudden he was falling and hit his face on the chair used as a step stool for the kids to reach the sink. I picked him up and tried to look in his mouth and all I saw was blood.

As a mom, I try my hardest not to freak out when he is upset or freaking out because I don’t want to scare him. In my mind though, I was FREAKING OUT! I couldn’t figure out where the blood was coming from. His teeth looked fine. He was sobbing. My mind just froze. I didn’t know what my next step was. Do I leave? How do I help him? I can’t find the blood source so is it worse than I think? Am I ER bound to make sure his jaw is okay? Did I do this to him somehow? Did he trip? Am I a terrible mother? It all happened so fast. Panic panic panic! (Inwardly).

This is where this story gets good. In my moments of being frozen and holding my crying boy, Moms around me came to my rescue. One with a towel to soak up the blood, one with an ice pack, and all with encouraging words and advice. I was not alone.

My boy stopped crying with the ice pack, I was able to see he bit his lip and was probably just a little shaken up. He pulled himself together (way better than I did, as I was trying not to tear up) and went into his class and had a blast.

I’m writing this story here because truthfully, I am still shaken up. I just wanted to hug and squeeze him and have him lay his head on my shoulder so that I could cry and just hold him and know he was okay.

Here is the important take away: be that mom. I want to be the mom that helps a fellow mama out in a moment of panic and brain freeze. I want to let her know that she isn’t alone. I will show up with a towel or some ice or whatever she needs and help her out of that scary moment. I want to tell her that sometimes kids fall down, but it will be okay, and she will be there to pick her child up. I want to let her know that she is doing great and all they need is love.

Be that Mom.

XO, Nico

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