Quaran-Project: Painting French Doors

Like many of you, I took this strange year and made it into a year of home improvements. I moved into my house about 3.5 years ago. Built in 1999, when cherry wood trim and cherry wood kitchen cabinets were a big deal.

I had been dreaming about updating this from the moment we moved into the house but I just never could find the right time. Then BOOM. 2020 hits with a global pandemic. Never a better time to finally knock off a few items on that long home improvement list.
I embarked on the journey of painting all the trim in the house white. When it came to the project I dreaded most and saved for last, painting the French doors for the home office, I just wanted to give up! What is the most effective way to do this?
I thought, well I could use the frog tape, but my goodness that will suck hours of my time. I talked to the painter who updated our kitchen cabinets to the beautiful SW Mindful Grey color and asked him what he would do with french doors? He said he would get liquid mask and do it that way. I looked into liquid mask but wasn’t thrilled with the VOC levels so I returned the can we bought and went back to the drawing board. What next?
I found a solution that was so wonderful and the least time consuming. I did a small test area first to make sure it would work. It did! I painted directly on the cleaned glass. Once done with all my coats of paint, I used this awesome tool, the Maxcraft Stubby Scraper>>, and scraped the paint off the windows. To my delight, it came off very easily! Using the water based paints and primer were key for easy removal. There were a few places I went back with a small brush to touch up afterward, but I couldn’t be happier with the method I discovered for painting the french doors! It saved me hours of time.
If you find yourself in a similar situation, I encourage you to give this a try for your own sanity.
XO, Nico