Packing Cubes – Pro Travel Tip

Greetings! I am traveling this weekend and in the spirit of travel, I wanted to touch on packing cubes (a total life saver, btw) and a few other packing essentials.

I highly recommend packing with packing cubes. I use these bad boys: Miami Carry on Packing Cubes>>. The price is right, what can I say? There are 3 cubes and 3 pouches in this $12.99 set. I love to organize by topic and depending on the length of the trip that might look something like: cubes of 1) Pajamas, 2) outfits, and 3) intimates (bras/undies/socks), and pouches of 1) make-up, 2) hair items (ties & hair products), and 3) cleansers (face/body/hair). It’s a good system and you would be surprised how much you can fit in a cube. Cubes are the KEY to not only efficiently utilizing all your packing space but also MAXIMIZING that space! For the Mamas out there, when I travel with my son, we share a suitcase, packing cubes are life-changing!

My trip this weekend is a short one, so I only used two of the smaller cubes as photographed below. This is a small carry-on, but as you can see, I have room to spare! I’ve fit in here a pajama cube, outfit cube, shoe bag, heat tools, throwing in my make-up pouch, cleanser pouch, small backpack/purse, and jackets. Boom! I am ready for my 4-day trip!

Other packing essentials: comfy sneakers, carry-on backpack, and smaller backpack for day trips. And Finally, my packing support buddy, Babyface Finnster. ❤

XO, Nico

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Thick, Fine Hair…a blessing and a curse.

This isn’t a groundbreaking post, but I felt it is important to share.

If you are anything like me and have VERY THICK FINE HAIR then you know the struggle of trying to comb out your hair after a shower (or on a windy day, or in general). #blessed

I don’t know about you, but those silly detangler sprays never work, nor do any combs or brushes. I feel like I’ve tried them all. It’s painful, it’s messy and probably going to make me bald one day.

Also, and I’m not proud of this…but because my hair is super fine and super thick…sometimes its gets a little matted underneath. True story. Attractive, I know. Very ladylike indeed.

Now, for the good news. If you share my struggle, the answer is unequivocally the Wet Brush. Wet Brushes work for me whether my hair is wet or dry! They are not painful and don’t rip my hair out. Bonus: they get the job done quickly!

I naturally have a Wet Brush in my bathroom for post hair brushing. BUT GET THIS: I also keep a travel sized wet brush with me in my purse (diaper bag, lets be honest) and that baby gets the mats out quickly and painlessly every time! Another bonus: also great for my kiddo’s hair.

Get it at Target, get it at Amazon…just go get it!

Wet Brush>>

Mini Wet Brush>>

XO, Nico