Denim – It’s a love/hate thing.

Don’t let get denim get you down.  Ladies, we all know jeans can be a real jerk. Good news though! I’m here to share with you some denim brands that will NOT make you want to cry.

Spanx. I never in a million years would have thought of this brand until I became a mom, but I wish I had known about them sooner. That’s right. Spanx are my jam. They are slightly destroyed, very flattering, have tummy control, and feel like you are wearing leggings. Need I say more? I didn’t think so. Spanx Jeans >>

Just Black Denim. These jeans are most like a hybrid of jeans and leggings in that they look like regular jeans, have real pockets, and all that jazz…yet when you’re in them, they have stretch AND are a real contender for your new Thanksgiving dinner pants. Comfort, people. We’re talking style and comfort. These jeans are harder to track down. However, since they are so rad, I feel they are important to mention. Great places to look for them is Poshmark, local boutiques, and Bloomingdales >>.

This is the company website:

Finally, there is also the obvious…Hudson Jeans are great! I haven been wearing them for years. They are faithful! I like to get them (and all my pants) high-waisted so I am not constantly pulling up my pants. They have great stretch. I do encourage trying them on first if you haven’t purchased these jeans before so you can figure out your stretch preference and length preference. These jeans vary and there are a lot of style options! Find them at Nordstrom and/or Nordstrom Rack!

XO, Nico

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“I have nothing to Wear”

Good grief, we’ve all been there. Am I right? Some of us every day. You take a gander at your closet inventory and feel hopeless. Nothing to wear, nothing you feel good in, you probably only have 10 minutes to get yourself dressed, get your kids dressed, pack your bag and load everyone in to the car…and…HOLY COW. Stressful.

What to do?! Here is the #1 tip I have to share with you to help you get through these moments:

Go back to basics with a few wardrobe staples.

The basics are classy and simple. Especially in a pinch, but really…always. Everyone has their own basics they are comfortable in.

For me, in the winter, it’s usually, leggings, boots (flats or heels depending on how dressy I need to be), tunic (I’m a lover of tunics, especially if I am feeling bloated, but really…any day I’m happy and comfortable in a tunic), a cute jacket, and a necklace (sometimes a long statement necklace). Boom. Done.

These Mother Tucker leggings from Belly Bandit are my absolute 100% favorite leggings in all the land: Mother Tucker Leggings >>

Summer? Summer is harder. Lately, it’s been dresses. Dresses are great because they can be dressed up or down with heels or flats and with hair up or down depending on the event and how dressy you want to be. I prefer tea length because I am constantly chasing a toddler around which involves a lot of bending…

I have found some GREAT tea length RVCA dresses. Nordstrom carries RVCA, but so do a lot of Boutiques. My favorite go-to dress is this one: RVCA Midi Sundress >>

I am really not a fan of shorts, but I did obtain a nice longish pair (but not too long) of destroyed denim, high waisted, shorts from American Eagle. I love to pair these with oversized tee-shirts that hit around my waist (so a little longer than a crop top). This is great for hanging around the house, running errands, going to the park…you name it. Pop on some cute sunglasses and you’re set. Follow this link for the shorts and just FYI, I roll the hems down. High Waisted Destroyed Denim Shorts >>

XO, Nico

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