My Mascara Journey

Like most of you ladies, I have tried so many types of Mascara. Let’s be honest, a good mascara is hard to find, involves a lot of trial and error and a lot of wasted time and money. My mascara journey has lead me to consistently depend on these four (in no particular order): Caution Extreme Lash Mascara>>, L’Oréal Paris Makeup Telescopic Original Lengthening Mascara>>, Revitalash Mascara>>, and Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara>>. Why do I love them? Aside from that fact that my eyelashes look fantastic (obviously), I find they don’t dry out (that’s a big deal in Colorado), they don’t flake, they provide length and volume – even without a primer, and they don’t clump. What more could a girl ask for in a mascara?

I just want to touch on the Revitalash for a sec. First, I love this company. Period. They make wonderful products. This company began as the result of one couple’s fight against breast cancer wherein a lash serum was born. I encourage you to check out their website and see what it’s all about.

XO, Nico

Compression Socks Are My Jam

I know, it sounds lame. If you read my prior blog post on the myth about pregnancy and foot growth then you know that I took my foot health very seriously as a pregnant woman and trust me…that includes compression socks. Now, I’m no doctor, so please see my little disclaimer paragraph below, but I will say that the gist of why I was consistent and crazy about always wearing compression socks when pregnant was threefold:

1) To combat swelling in the feet and ankles;

2) To help prevent varicose veins and also to stop them from swelling; and

3) To assist with blood flow (especially if I was sitting at a desk all day, or traveling on a plane).

If you decide compression socks are your jam, check out Belly Bandit, Nordstrom, and also Amazon (just read the reviews).

To be perfectly honest, I am totally guilty of wearing compression socks with my boots in the winter whether pregnant or not. I got into the habit of it a few years ago when I was tied to a desk all day and became super paranoid about veins. You know what I mean.

Here’s my disclaimer: I am no doctor. Please speak with your medical professional or perhaps a pharmacist to see if compression socks are right for you. Compression socks have different levels of compression. For purposes of this post, I am talking about your general over-the-counter compression socks which would be a level of 15-20 mmHg.

XO, Nico

Thick, Fine Hair…a blessing and a curse.

This isn’t a groundbreaking post, but I felt it is important to share.

If you are anything like me and have VERY THICK FINE HAIR then you know the struggle of trying to comb out your hair after a shower (or on a windy day, or in general). #blessed

I don’t know about you, but those silly detangler sprays never work, nor do any combs or brushes. I feel like I’ve tried them all. It’s painful, it’s messy and probably going to make me bald one day.

Also, and I’m not proud of this…but because my hair is super fine and super thick…sometimes its gets a little matted underneath. True story. Attractive, I know. Very ladylike indeed.

Now, for the good news. If you share my struggle, the answer is unequivocally the Wet Brush. Wet Brushes work for me whether my hair is wet or dry! They are not painful and don’t rip my hair out. Bonus: they get the job done quickly!

I naturally have a Wet Brush in my bathroom for post hair brushing. BUT GET THIS: I also keep a travel sized wet brush with me in my purse (diaper bag, lets be honest) and that baby gets the mats out quickly and painlessly every time! Another bonus: also great for my kiddo’s hair.

Get it at Target, get it at Amazon…just go get it!

Wet Brush>>

Mini Wet Brush>>

XO, Nico

Debunked: Foot Growth and Pregnancy

I’m going to blow your mind right now with some valuable information I learned while pregnant. It all started around the beginning of my 2nd trimester. Fellow moms were telling me all about how their feet grew as a result of pregnancy. WELL, this was horrifying to me as the owner of an abundance of shoes. I wasn’t about to be able to afford restocking my darn shoe collection! So, I did some research, talked to some doctors and physical therapists, did some googling…here’s what I discovered:

Your feet “growing” up to half size or more as a result of pregnancy is self-inflicted by not wearing proper shoes. As you advance in your pregnancy and gain more and more weight, gravity takes its toll on your foot arches. Without proper support, your foot arch flattens. Boom. That’s how your foot “grew”.

I was able to prevent this from happening to me and thus my shoe collection is safe and usable. I did this by wearing arches constantly (in my UGG slippers, in my heels/boots, in anything I could). I never wore flat shoes that did not have arch support. I invested in a great pair of ASICS and wore those any time I could fashionably get away with it. SUCCESS! Plus the BONUS: wearing proper footwear during pregnancy REALLY helped my back.

Here are links to the arches I used: Arches for my slippers and other flat shoes >> and Arches for heels >>

XO, Nico

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The Secret to Extra Closet Space

Velvet hangers. If these babies aren’t already doing the honors of holding up the money hanging in your closet, then you need to get these post haste! They are non-slip, super slim to maximize your closet space, and my personal favorite: they don’t leave those shoulder hole pokey things on your clothes! Meaning, they wont damage your clothes! You know what I’m talking about. Velvet Hangers >>.

XO, Nico

Commando For Sure

Finding the right underwear is such a tricky thing. I have tried my fair share. As I get older I find that I am not willing to go cheap on my most important item of clothing. Am I right, ladies? While I do love the Hanky Panky brand, the Commando brand far exceeds anything I have tried to date. They are soft, seamless, almost like you’re wearing nothing at all (get it? Commando…). You can’t beat ‘em and I wish more local boutiques carried them. You can order them directly from the Commando website, Nordstrom or Amazon. I have linked my favorite style at Nordstrom >> and Amazon >>.

You’re welcome. 🙂

XO, Nico