10 Holiday Traditions

Now that I am a mother, I find myself getting very sentimental about holiday traditions. I love the traditions my mother established for my sisters and I, and I want to do the same for my son. Here are a few of the traditions I got goin’ on right now.

  • Setting up and decorating the tree at the beginning of December while listening to Christmas music.
  • Opening pajamas on Christmas Eve with the family, accompanied by several photos of jammie time.
  • Opening an ornament on Christmas Eve.
  • My husband making a delicious beef stew on Christmas Eve.
  • Opening stockings Christmas morning while enjoying coffee and/or a mimosa, followed by the rest of them presents!
  • Having a delicious brunch after presents on Christmas Day.
  • Dressing up in our Ugly Christmas Sweaters for the remainder of Christmas Day and celebrations with extended family.
  • There are always fun holiday headbands to wear once the party starts and/or the Santa hats.
  • When visiting my mother in Philly we do a White Elephant gift exchange with the extended family which is super fun!
  • When visiting my mother in Philly there is always a dance party at some point during the festivities. Always.

I would love to add more! I grew up with all girls, so my question to you is this: What holiday traditions do boys like? What can I add for my son who is 18 months old? Please share your ideas and the traditions that you love and hold dear!

Happy Holidays everyone!

XO, Nico

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