Holiday Shopping Hot Spot

This year I have done the majority of my holiday shopping online.

It all started with my son getting a cough, then pink eye, then a fever, then some vomiting and a little bit of croup. Needless to say, the whole household caught a cold and we have been cooped up here since the 2nd of December. Since I have family out of state, I try to get my shopping done early because I need time to wrap and ship the presents. What I want to share with you today is a retailer that I had forgotten about until my son needed some cold weather pants a few months back and I found myself here: Macy’s.

Macy’s isn’t a place that had readily popped into my mind in years, and possibly ever. I have rediscovered Macy’s and I am down with this department store. Macy’s has awesome sales pretty regularly and literally has something for everyone. Shopping for your husband? Macy’s has men’s watches, jewelry, ties, clothes, gadgets, etc. Shopping for your toddler? Macy’s has toys and clothes for toddlers! Score! Shopping for Mom or Grandma? Macy’s has quality slippers! Haha. They carry Free People, which if you read my blog you know I LOVE Free People. All priced pretty reasonably especially with their constant sales.

Macy’s has a Gift Ideas section on their site which is incredibly useful. You can shop their stocking stuffers (so helpful), you can shop for “last minute” gifts, you can filter it by who you are shopping for, or by price, or by type. They even have a White Elephant gift option. Check it out here>>. You can have the products shipped directly to you or pick up at your local store.

If you find yourself stumped on a gift, Macy’s just might have the answer. Happy Shopping!

XO, Nico